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Specialised Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing Services

Shampoo Interior Carpets/Mats & Druggets 

Using safe and approved Aviation products we will shampoo and carry out MINOR stain removal of all Interior Carpets/Mats and Druggets.  For larger stained areas or one-off spillage accidents we treat only specified area with specialised stain removal treatments.  See below.

Leather Scrub 
This is where we wash your Leather Upholstery to remove ingrained dirt, sweat marks and denim marks, etc, that may marked the leather and are showing through.  This is not guaranteed to remove everything, but will remove most of it.  We use a product which cleans and feeds but does not affect the Leather in any way, leaving it soft and supple.

Pen Mark Removal
pen-removal-from-Alcantara-in-cockpit2 Specialised ServicesOver the past few months we have carried out extensive testing on various products for the removal of ink and biro pen marks from Leather and Ultra-Suede upholstery.  This is one of those services that can carry no guarantee unfortunately.  It really depends on how deeply the mark has gone into the surface and how long it has been there.  This service costs £150 for successful removal.  If the mark is too far in the fabric and cannot be removed you will just be charged £75 for the call-out.

Cleaning of Interior Alcantara
This Brand New Service has been a great challenge for us.  We have spent a great deal of time working with samples of this fabric to try and get the best results for our clients.  We now feel ready to offer this specialised detailing service to you. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee removal of ALL stains or dirt as there are too many variables.  However, we have had a few successes on removal of most marks.  As this is a much specialised service we would need to inspect the aircraft prior to undertaking the job.

Paint Renovation/Body Compound
Subject to aircraft bodywork condition, paint renovation may be required.  Where the paintwork has suffered degradation due to insufficient cleaning, UV or Weather damage your paintwork will require this service.
Pricing is done only upon visual inspection of aircraft.

NuGlaze PolyFluoro Sealant
This is a specialised sealant Wax which gives a superb finish and leaves the aircraft with a slick and silky finish.  It is perfect for new paint or re-sprayed areas … or just to give an extra shine and protection to the aircraft.  We have been using this product over the past year and have had excellent results and positive feedback from clients.

Radiant Finish (Brightwork ONLY) 
This product gives a liquid mirror effect to the Brightwork and gives better protection against marking from water and bugs.  This is an ideal service to have carried out in between your Brightwork cleans to maintain and protect the service shine. 

Wind Shield Surround Polishing

specialised-services-windshield-surround Specialised ServicesIf your Windshield Surrounds are polished and you have occasion to require a new shield fitting, we highly recommend that the new Surround is polished PRIOR to fitting.  If it is installed at another location, we can still undertake this service after fitting.

Speed Cut Brightwork 
This service is carried out prior to Brightwork being Machine Buffed in the standard way.  This service is recommended for Brightwork that shows signs of Water Damage, corrosion, deep pitting or surface scratches and marks on the Brightwork.  This is an extensive Deep Machine Cut on the Brightwork which within reason removes all of the above.  Full inspection of the Brightwork will be required prior to undertaking this specialised service.

Xzilon Application

We at the Full Wax are always looking for new ways to improve the service we can provide you, and are pleased to announce that we recently became Approved Applicators of a fantastic product, that some of you may have heard of, called Xzilon.

Xzilon is an aviation approved product used to protect the polished Brightwork on aircraft.

The product is known as Xzilon® 3 AECI (Aircraft Exterior Appearance Corrosion Inhibitor).

The main benefits of using this product on your aircraft are:

  • Prevents corrosion from occurring on the Brightwork, holds Brightwork polish.
  • Heat-resistant up to 450°F.
  • Efficient rain removal and saltwater spray resistant.

This product is also recognized by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Bombardier Aerospace and Rolls-Royce Service Representatives as a corrosion protection and to simplify claims related to lipskin corrosion should it occur.

Important Note:
In order to have Xzilon applied to your Brightwork, the Brightwork must undergo a process of cleaning.  You cannot apply Xzilon to dirty, corroded or water marked surfaces therefore the area requiring this specialised treatment must first be polished with Nu Vite and brought to a mirror finish.  Once this initial process has been completed Xzilon application can commence.  Please note then, that ALL Brightwork that requires Xzilon application must first have the Brightwork polished, so you will you will charged for both processes.

NB: Priced in accordance with Aircraft Make & Model.

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