Interior Aircraft Detailing Services


Interior Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing Services

All the services listed below can be tailored to each clients specific needs

Full Standard Interior Clean

This covers Cockpit, Galley, Cabin and Toilets.  This will include a vacuum of all interior carpets and mats and upholstery and de-crumb (check for fallen and hidden debris). Wipe & clean all surfaces. Clean Entrance Mats and wipe clean. Empty rubbish bins and check ash trays. De-fingerprint. Ensure all gaps clean and dust free. For FULL List of items covered in this service please ask your detailer.

Full Deep Interior Clean & Carpet Shampoo

This covers Cockpit, Galley, Cabin and Toilets.  This Service is as above, but with a finer degree of detailing; and also includes a full shampoo of all Interior carpets, mats and Druggets. We will also endeavour at this stage to remove any minor stains if appropriate.  Larger spillages will be reported to the client before removal with advice.

We will also include a vacuum of all interior carpets, mats and druggets.  Vacuum the upholstery; and de-crumb. Wipe, clean and Polish all surfaces. Polish all wood. Wipe, Clean and Polish all interior Windows and TV screens. Wipe & Clean the upholstery. Vacuum drawer interiors. Ensure Ultra Suede is brushed with Hand Mitt and fingerprint free.

For FULL List of items covered in this service please ask your detailer.

Shampoo Interior Carpets/Mats & Druggets

Using safe and approved Aviation products we will shampoo and carry out MINOR stain removal of all Interior Carpets/Mats and Druggets.  For larger stained areas or one-off spillage accidents we treat only specified area with specialised stain removal treatments.  See below.

Stain Removal

We are fully kitted out to deal with the majority of stains that can be found on your carpet, upholstery, side-walls and head-lining.

Limescale Removal

In this service we can remove limescale from the toilet basin and taps or marble surfaces on the aircraft.

Deep Leather Scrub

This is where we wash your Leather Upholstery to remove ingrained dirt, sweat marks and denim marks, etc, that may marked the leather and are showing through.  This is not guaranteed to remove everything, but will remove most of it.  We use a product which cleans and feeds but does not affect the Leather in any way, leaving it soft and supple.

Pen Mark Removal

Over the past few months we have carried out extensive testing on various products for the removal of ink and biro pen marks from Leather and Ultra-Suede upholstery.  This is one of those services that can carry no guarantee unfortunately.  It really depends on how deeply the mark has gone into the surface and how long it has been there.

Cleaning of Interior Alcantara/Other Fabrics

We have spent a great deal of time working with samples of this fabric to try and get the best results for our clients.  We now feel ready to offer this specialised detailing service to you. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee removal of ALL stains or dirt as there are too many variables.  However, we have had a few successes on removal of most marks.  As this is a much specialised service we would need to inspect the aircraft prior to undertaking the job.

Other Miscellaneous Detailing Services

  • Specialised Carpet Stain removal
  • Deep Oven Clean
  • Deep Microwave Clean
  • Deep Refrigerator Clean/Coolers
  • Aircraft Fumigation
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • Interior Surface Sanitising
  • Limescale/Watermark Removal
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