Exterior Aircraft Detailing Services


Exterior Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing Services

Full Exterior Body Clean & Wax

(E.g. Wipe & Clean Body Work, Wash Landing Gear, Wipe Bright Work; apply Nu Vite Dry Wash Wax – this will take a Team between one and two days depending on the condition of the aircraft).

Exterior Post Flight Clean

See Special Detailing Services Price Structure for Interiors.

Interior Clean

Please visit our interior services section


Paint Renovation

Subject to aircraft bodywork condition, paint renovation may be required.  Where the paintwork has suffered degradation due to insufficient cleaning, UV or Weather damage your paintwork will require this service.
Pricing is done only upon visual inspection of aircraft.

Nu Vite Dry Wash Wax

This Wax is an Aviation approved materials which helps protect Aircraft outer shell from Acid when flying and gives a deep and lasting shine.

Nu Vite & Cyclo Buffer Wrap

This product; which I import over from America, is only used for Bright Work; and is the best one available on the Aviation market.


Radiant Finish (Brightwork ONLY)

This product gives a liquid mirror effect to the Brightwork and gives better protection against marking from water and bugs. 

Nu Glaze PolyFluoro Sealant

This is a specialised sealant Wax which gives a superb finish and leaves the aircraft with a slick and silky finish.  It is perfect for new paint or re-sprayed areas … or just to give an extra shine and protection to the aircraft.  We have been testing this product over the past few months and have had excellent results and positive feedback from clients.

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