Does your Brightwork need that little something extra between Buffs?

Do you want to retain that Shine and enjoy a Mirror Finish on your Leading Edges?

Then what you need is a “Radiant” Finish!

This product is strongly recommended for Brightwork, particularly Leading Edges, that are regularly maintained.

This is a between-buffing product. So dependent on how regularly your Brightwork requires a Full Machine Buff you can have this product Hand- Applied to your Brightwork to maintain the shine between Buffing.

This product does not contain anhydrous or ammonia based chemicals, and its special formula is blended to rejuvenate and restore metal surfaces.

Not only does this product give you a Liquid Mirror Effect to your Brightwork, but it will also give better protection against marking from water and bugs!

This product can only be applied as part of a Full Exterior Body Clean & Body Wax as it is applied by hand after this cleaning process.

Ask your Detailer about “Radiant” Finish.

This product is ONLY available from The Full Wax Ltd.

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