If you have problems with Carpet Stains and wish to increase the longevity of your carpet without having the expense of frequent New carpet fitting then I would like to introduce you to a New Product Innovation that has been on the market for just over 18 months now.  I have trialled it and used it successfully over the past 12 months.

The product that I am trained on and authorised by manufacture to apply is called Aeroglass.  It is basically a micro fine coating that needs to applied in a 3 stage process.

  • Stage 1: Deep Clean Carpet and Mats – Day 1
  • Stage 2: Initial application – Day 2
  • Stage 3: Final Application – Day 2

This takes 2 days as the first day is needed for carpet to thoroughly dry-out before application.  After application of the product on Day 2, it MUST be left for 8 hours before being trod on.  Ideally power is required on-board for both days as Heat will allow better drying time and the lighting helps with us seeing more clearly than using torches and light tripods.

The Key properties of this product are:

  • Easy Spill Removal
  • Reduces Bacteria
  • Reduces Bacteria Odour
  • FAA & EASA Burn Test Approved.

This Carpet Sealant contains no Fluro Carbons or Silicones, only hard wearing glass.

This product is based on Nano Technology.  It is ultra-thin and not visible to the naked eye.  It is 150NM-400 times thinner than a human hair.  It is a pure glass with anti-microbial coating.  It repels oil and water and resist acids, alkali and solvents.  The Anti-Microbial property reduces cabin odours.

It will preserve that “new look” longer, extending the life of the carpet.  The coating is not removed by normal carpet extraction cleaning procedures … provided no harsh chemicals are used.  Cleaning will be more effective as residues will be easily removed.

So, basically it does not stop it getting dirty, naturally things may still drop onto the carpet, but instead of staining they will not be absorbed into the fibres.  It must still be cleaned, but a Clean Water Extraction can be used (stain origin dependant) to re-hydrate the stain then suck it away leaving no mark.