The current situation for Zika virus is as follows:

  • Every 8 weeks you need an application of LIQUID Residual Disinsectant – valid for up to 8 weeks from application (if you have a DEEP clean or carpet shampoo this will remove the product) – this is a certificated service.
  • For each and every flight to Italy and an affected country it is recommended that you use Aerosol Disinsection – this will keep you topped on, as the product is gradually removed during cleaning processes.

The Aerosol Disinsection costs £10 per canister and you apply this yourself; either – Pre-Flight, Blocks Away or Top-of-Descent.

If you want a Certificate for the Aerosol Disinsection (which you can apply yourself) we can provide a single copy for 1-off application costing £30.00 PLUS product.

All certificates include Batch Number, Expiry Date, Date of Application (either you or us) and a Certificate Number.

With the LIQUID Disinsection you MUST run the air conditioning units at least 1 hour before pax board.  According to the manufacturer you can fly immediately after this air conditioning process, as it then poses no risks provided this has been done; BUT some companies own internal regulations state you must close doors and not enter for 12 hours … so you need to adhere to your own internal regulations for this aspect of the service.

Italy has one of the most stringent set of rules regarding this at the moment, even though they are not on the critical list.  They say you can have the Residual Process done upon entering, but they are likely to charge you an awful lot.  They don’t care where you have come from, but on entering anywhere in Italy you MUST have Liquid Residual Disinsection.

Permethrin is an active substance used in the formulation of aerosols and   emulsion (EMULDRY 50)
WHO’s recommends that an aircraft coming from an endemic zone is treated either with aerosol (pre-flight, blocks away or top of descent procedure), on each flight
OR every 2 months with Permethrin emulsion. This residual treatment is carried out on ground, after deep cleaning. A certificate is issued by the applicator and is kept on board as proof of treatment in case of sanitary control.

For the detailed procedures Recommended by  W.H.O.  :

These are easy to understand.
On the document, you will find a link to the Equipment for vector control specification guidelines. 
DAF 3000 cannot be used in this specific procedure. Only as part of a standard procedure by the company.

It is a fact that Italian Health Authorities require that all carriers, regardless of the origin of the flight, carry out residual treatment. It is a measure to prevent the spread of Zika virus. We are still trying to get more information from the Italian Health Ministry as we believe this is a heavy constraint on European Airlines operating short flights within Europe.

You must have Liquid Residual Treatment every 8 weeks ….. IF during this time you clean or Shampoo then you MUST use the aerosols, as any cleaning will remove the spray.  This is why we recommend purchase of canisters to take with you.

Aerosol – boarding is immediate, this is non-toxic and can be applied whilst pax on board.
Liquid Mist – As carpets will be damp ideally a couple of hours before people on board, then the air conditioning should be run for at least 1 hour prior to crew and pax embark to clear the air of the volatile components of the spray.

Light Aircraft


Helicopters/Hawker/Lear Jets


Citation/Falcon Range up to 2000


Gulfstream 200 series


Challenger Series up to 605


Embraer / Challenger 850 / CRJ2


Gulfstream 300 to 400 Series


Falcon 7X


Gulfstream 500 to 600 Series




Boeing 737-200 to A319


B737-800 to BBJ3


B727-200 to B757-300


** If your aircraft is not shown, please call us for a price, as charge is based on aircraft size.
** For Service requests to be carried out after 8pm and before 6am there would be an out-of-area charge of £150.
** Some airport locations may incur a travel fee if out-of-area

Aerosol Disinsection (permethrin based) – recommended each and every flight (if to affected area + Italy – £120.00 + VAT (if applied by us) – including one-off certification

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.