This product has been extensively tested and trialled by us.  It is a high performance aircraft cleaner and wax in-one!

“Wax and Go” leaves an anti-static UV protective coating that repels dirt and moisture.  This product is developed in the USA as an aircraft cleaning product with all relevant approvals.  It is widely used by Private, Corporate and Commercial operators.

“Wax and Go” is a multi-surface cleaner and wax , in one product.

Important: This product is Bio-Degradable and water-based, while both alcohol and ammonia free; this product is safe to use on a variety of surfaces.

Due to this product being a two-in-one application it is less labour intensive, and therefore we can offer if to you at a significantly reduced cost!

Please Note: This service should be treated as either a Pre or Post Flight Option.  It is NOT suitable for removing black streaks from crown and other ingrained dirt.