Leather Care


Leather Care

The Full Wax Ltd. Is affiliated with The Leather Institute following successful completion of training in The Leather Institute’s process entitled The Leather Institute Repair Process Specification (LIRPS) which is an FAA approved system.

Offering business aircraft interior care and refurbishing services in Europe.

United Kingdom – 13th October 2015  The Full Wax Ltd, (www.fullwax.com), a leading provider of business aircraft Detailing and Cleaning services in the UK, today announced a business partnership agreement with US-based The Leather Institute.

The agreement will see The Full Wax partner with The Leather Institute as part of the US-based organisation’s affiliate network, offering full aircraft interior care services including complete refinishing of interior leather components.

The Leather Institute is headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, with over 70 Aviation Authorised Service Centres worldwide, from New York to Singapore, serving the business jet market.

“We are delighted to partner with The Leather Institute to offer their outstanding craftsmanship and services to The Full Wax’s customers,” said Amadeo Varzi, The Full Wax’s Company Director.

“The Full Wax will be the first exclusive UK-based Business Aircraft Detailing/Cleaning Company with the ability to provide interior care services to business jets in the UK and Europe.”

Chairman of The Leather Institute Patrick Dorgan said: “Our new affiliate agreement with The Full Wax provides an opportunity to expand our UK and European presence and services to both private and corporate business aircraft owners in the region, in conjunction with a company that enjoys a heritage of outstanding service quality and highest reputation.”    

The agreement is the latest in a series of recent The Full Wax development and expansion plans which include expansion programmes and the joining with various UK FBO’s as their preferred Supplier.

Established in 1993, The Full Wax is a leading Business Jet Detailer and Cleaning Company in Europe. The company offers comprehensive aircraft Detailing/Cleaning, consultancy, Paintwork Restoration, Brightwork Rejuvenation and now Leather refurbishing.

To compliment The Full Wax ethos of complete Customer Care they operate an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Mark Accreditation.

Description of Services

Level 1: Cleaning, Conditioning, Touch-up (C/C/TU)

The leather is first dusted or vacuumed gently to remove airborne contaminates. Next, the finished leathers will be cleaned using The Leather Institute’s pH balanced Finished Leather Cleaner. High pH cleaners may cause premature aging due to fluctuation in pH that can damage the bonds holding the leather fibres together. Touch-up includes removal and correction of scuffs, stains, minor holes, abrasions, and ink marks. This process is designed for leather that is still in good condition, showing some history of use such as worn spots and stains. After cleaning and touch-up, The Leather Institute Cleaner, Conditioner, and Protector is applied to help lubricate fibres and leave a protective barrier coating making subsequent cleanings easier.

Level 2: C/C/TU with Colour Enhancement of Arms

The Level 2 Service provides all that is included in the Level 1 Service plus the Colour Restoration of the seat arms (see below for description of Colour Restoration). The arms are known as a high wear area and by using this method, they may be brought back to a like new condition. Protective top coat will also be applied to prevent reoccurrence.

Level 3: Colour Enhancement and Restoration

The colour enhancement and restoration process was developed to provide new life to leather with severe wear on the surface. This means that the finish provided on the surface of the leather has worn off or seriously stained or discoloured, but the underlying leather is still in good condition. After preparing the surface, both colour and top coat will be applied, replicating the process used in the tanneries. Aniline leathers showing wear may also be converted to finished leather using this process, giving the piece a new look while adding years to its useful life. Changing the colour of the leather is also possible using this process, although only slight shade changes are recommended.

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