Xzilon Application For Brightwork

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We at the Full Wax are always looking for new ways to improve the service we can provide you, and are pleased to announce that we are approved applicators of a fantastic product that is recognised by Bombardier and Rolls Royce as well as other leading aircraft manufacturers.

Xzilon is an aviation approved product used to protect the polished Brightwork on aircraft.

The product is known as Xzilon® 3 AECI (Aircraft Exterior Appearance Corrosion Inhibitor).

The main benefits of using this product on your aircraft are:

  • Prevents corrosion from occurring on the Brightwork, holds Brightwork polish.
  • Heat-resistant up to 450°F.
  • Efficient rain removal and saltwater spray resistant.

zzilonproductbox Xzilon Application For BrightworkThis product is also recognized by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Bombardier Aerospace and Rolls-Royce Service Representatives as a corrosion protection and to simplify claims related to lipskin corrosion should it occur.

Important Note:

In order to have Xzilon applied to your Brightwork, the Brightwork must undergo a process of cleaning.  You cannot apply Xzilon to dirty, corroded or water marked surfaces therefore the area requiring this specialised treatment must first be polished with Nu Vite and brought to a mirror finish.  Once this initial process has been completed Xzilon application can commence.  Please note then, that ALL Brightwork that requires Xzilon application must first have the Brightwork polished, so you will you will charged for both processes.


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