Abralon Mirka Abrasives


Abralon Mirka Abrasives

Abralon® is a unique multifunctional patented sanding material developed for the flexible sanding of both smooth and profiled surfaces.

Abralon® creates a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges, while minimising the risk of pressure marks. Abralon® is especially suitable for use in the aerospace, automotive and marine industries – where a fine, quality finish is a key part of preparing for the next step of a finishing procedure. The flexible weave allows water and air to pass freely, making the product suitable for both dry and wet sanding, either by machine or hand. Abralon® is also suitable for the finishing and pre-polishing of aluminium, gel coat, SMC, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), lacquers, etc.

Coarser grits are recommended for surface preparation of aluminium surfaces, composite body parts, and the fine sanding of the body surfaces before primer and top lacquer.
Finer grits are suitable for smoothing of primers and bottom lacquers, preparation of surfaces between blending, sanding of pot marked surfaces and preparation of the top coat before polishing.


  • Grain: Silicon Carbide
  • Bonding: Special Resin
  • Backing: Knitted fabric on foam
  • Coating: Special Abralon® method
  • Colour: Grey
  • Grit Range: 180, 360, 500, 600, 1000, 2000, 4000


  • Preparation of new aluminium (such as leading-edges) prior to polishing, helping to significantly reduce the amount of compounding required.
  • Removing oxidation from moderate to heavily oxidised aluminium surfaces prior to polishing.
  • Removal of scratches from aluminium and painted surfaces

Usage Procedure – Abralon for Speed Cut

Abralon® pads works exceptionally well when used in conjunction with Nuvite’s NuShine II metal polishes. It can be used for heavy, moderate a light oxidation removal of metal surfaces as well as preparing/conditioning brand-new metal surfaces for polishing.

Below are some examples of how Abralon® can be used as in processes involving NuShine II (NSII):

  • For light oxidation removal on aircraft aluminium ‘in situ’ prior to polishing to a mirror finish: Abralon® 2000 ¦¦ NSII grade F7 ¦¦ NSII grade C ¦¦ NSII grade S
  • For moderate oxidation removal on aircraft aluminium ‘in situ’ prior to polishing to a mirror finish: Abralon® 1000 ¦¦ Abralon® 2000 ¦¦ NSII grade F7 ¦¦ NSII grade C ¦¦ NSII grade S
  • For preparation of new aluminium (including clad) prior to polishing to a mirror finish: Abralon® 500 ¦¦ Abralon® 1000 ¦¦ Abralon ® 2000 ¦¦ NSII grade F7 ¦¦ NSII grade S
  • For heavy oxidation/pitting removal on an Airstream caravan/trailer prior to polishing to a mirror finish: Abralon® 360 ¦¦ Abralon® 500 ¦¦ Abralon® 1000 ¦¦ Abralon® 2000 ¦¦ NSII grade F7 ¦¦ NSII grade S

The best process combining the use of Abralon® and Nuvite’s NuShine II for your particular application will depend on a number of factors, including the age of the aluminium you are polishing/restoring/repairing, previous maintenance undertaken, the man‐hours and equipment available to you, the experience of the users’ involved etc. For advice on tailoring a process to your specific needs please contact Frasers Aerospace by any of the means detailed on the page footer below.


  • Rotary buffer/polisher – such as the Silverline 1200W Rotary Buffer or Milwaukee Heavy Duty Rotary Buffer.
  • A Velcro/hook & loop backing/flex plate – 145mm for the 150mm Abralon® discs, 75mm for the 77mm Abralon discs
  • Kangaroo Oil – a cutting control oil, helping to control the depth ‘cut’ whilst also extending the life of the Abralon® pads.
  • Rymplecloth – a wiping cloth approved to BMS15‐5F / AMS3819B, useful for cleaning the surface in between abrasive passes.
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